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We accept payment via bitcoin. Some of you can think that it is difficult, but in fact its extremely easy and anonymous way to pay.


Bitcoin is a decentralized currency. As compared again Western Union or Money Gram bitcoin-transfers are fast and they cannot be blocked by any authority! If you pay by WU or MG they can block your payment for some reason. In this case you will need to resend your payment, which implies additional fees, time losses and inconvenience. With Bitcoin you won`t ever face such issues. Bitcoin transfers are always easy, fast and smooth.

Availability 24/7/365. You don`t need to think when to find time to visit a bank, WU office etc. Do you have holidays or night-time at the moment? With bitcoin it does not matter. If you need to transfer bitcoins at 3 a.m. on Sunday, they will be transferred at 3 a.m. on Sunday. In most of cases you even don`t need to leave your house.

Below you will see a 3 STEP process to set everything up, once you complete this you will be able to purchase goods from us in seconds all from an app on your phone or laptop. Remember this is the most secure and anonnymous way of buying steroids.

STEP 1 – BITCOIN WALLET DOWNLOAD – go to link – – android or iphone – best choice for laptop – can do android & iphone

Click either link above and you will be taken to download page –

please choose correct download for either windows, linux, android or apple

If you prefer – For Android go to Google play store – or for Apple go to App Store where you will find options for bitcoin wallet downloads. Personally we prefer Electrum as it is fast, reliable and very secure.


There are a lot of exchangers online. Here are some of the most popular and easy ways to get bitcoins:

Once you have purchased your bitcoins from one of the options below simply have them sent to your wallet you have already downloaded.

When you register with one of the comnpanies below to purchase your bitcoin they will ask you to buy with your bank debit card or other method, however they do not know what your buying bitcoins for and nor do they know who you are sending them too therefore your purchase remains annonymous. – worldwide – UK – worldwide – when you attach your bank account and buy bitcoins it can take several days before bitcoins are debited to your bitcoin wallet. Please keep this in mind when ordering. All instructions are given on site


At this stage you will have downloaded your bitcoin wallet, then purchased some bitcoin and had it sent to the wallet on your device.

Now got to your email and check your payment instructions from us, in the email will be our bitcoin wallet address for you to forward bitcoin to us and description details to complete on transfer so we know its you thats sent us bitcoin. Job Done.

Next time you want to make a purchase you should be able to do it in seconds.

So spend a few minutes setting this up and you will have a safe and secure way to buy steroids.


We are unable to guarantee any delivery that is international and you the buyer accepts your local customs laws and if your order is taken in your customs you accept repsonsability. . we offer NO refunds or replacements to international orders especially in USA, Australia, Norway, New Zealand, Ireland,Sweden, and some others we will not even ship to. If an order is took by your customs or not arrive in any way or returned in any way you accepted we offer no refunds or replacemnets. we will take into account your situation. you are ordering at your own risk.