Product Name: Cabergoline
Brand Hemi Pharma
Contains: Cabergoline 0.25mg/Tablet
10 Tabs Per Pack

This Pack is 5 Weeks Worth

Cabergoline often sold under the brand name Dostinex among others, is a dopaminergic medication used in the treatment of high prolactin levels.


Product Name: Cabergoline
Brand: Hemi Pharma
Contains: Cabergoline 0.25mg/Tablet x 10 Tablets


Dosages are falling in the range of 0.25 mg up to 1 mg twice per week (from 0.5 mg up to 2 mg per week). It has a long half life so using it twice weekly is enough (every 3-4 days).

  • Is recommended to start at a low dosage of 0.25 mg per dose (0.5 mg weekly) as it may be enough for many.
  • 0.5 mg per dose (1 mg weekly) is what most people find to be the perfect dosage.
  • For most people, 1 mg (2 mg weekly) is too much – only a few people may need such a high dosage.

As mentioned, it is recommended to use it with food before going to bed.

  • If you are not using Trenbolone or Nandrolone in your cycle, you may not need Cabergoline at all.

Hemi Caber

Increased growth hormone secretion: Caber stimulates the secretion of growth hormone, which is crucial for muscle growth and repair.

Enhanced muscle recovery: By regulating the levels of prolactin in the body, Caber aids in muscle recovery and reduces the time needed for muscles to repair themselves after intense workouts.

Increased libido and sexual performance: Caber has been shown to improve libido and sexual performance, which can indirectly contribute to better muscle gains by maintaining a healthy hormonal balance.

Decreased water retention: Caber helps to reduce water retention in the body, resulting in a leaner and more defined physique, highlighting the muscle gains achieved.


Cabergoline 0.25mg/tab